Recent Arrivals

  • Colombian Supremo Pensilvania (medium)

    from $12.00

    Specialty grade coffee, perhaps Colombia's best. Smooth rich flavour, buttery body with a pleasant aftertaste. Good all day drinking.

  • Mayan Gold Blend (medium/strong)

    from $12.00

    A lovely coffee that can be enjoyed all day. Rich, smooth and perfectly balanced. Top notes of roasted nuts and caramel. Works well in a plunger, drip filter or stovepot and also in a domestic espresso machine.

  • Indian Monsooned Malabar (strong)

    from $12.00

    Exotic Indian coffee. Seasoned by exposure to moist monsoon conditions resulting in a strong and robust flavour.

  • Jindebah Red Sea Blend (medium/strong)

    from $13.00

    Unique combination of coffees from the terraces of Yemen blended with sun dried Ethiopian Arabica beans. A rare coffee to tempt the connoisseur.

  • Yemen Mocha Matari (strong)

    from $15.50

    Heavenly, exotic fruit coffee with hints of Belgian white chocolate and vanilla bean.

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